Cayman Islands Land Activities

One of Grand Cayman’s most emblematic creatures is the endangered Blue Iguana, found in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and in the surrounding nature reserve. However, larger-than-life statues are also dotted around the island. So look out for these “blue dragons” as you take in the sites. Don’t miss Cayman Turtle Farm to meet the cute babies, yearlings and older turtles as well as other wildlife in including a crocodile and the Cayman parrot. Try horse riding for a slow tour of the coastline or hire a car and drive around the island to enjoy the views.

  • Horse Riding

    Galloping along Cayman’s powder-white sands on a trail ride is an adventure not to be...

  • Hiking

    There are numerous hiking trails throughout the Cayman Islands where you can explore Cayman’s unique...