Sister Islands

One of the best things about the Sister Islands for photographers is the unlimited supply of stunning subjects to shoot.

As on our big island Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are world renowned dive destinations.

In fact a large percentage of visitors merely touch down on Grand Cayman before heading off to the Sister Islands.

To find out why, think about the differences.  Cayman Brac, has a population of barely 2000; Little Cayman has less than 170 permanent residents.  There are no major financial institutions or nightclubs on these paradise islands.

What you get instead is the silence, long since vanished from modern life that stills and soothes the soul.   You get the sense that you are adrift on your own time in beautiful surroundings, with nothing more pressing to deal with, than what to eat for lunch or where to spot a red footed Booby.

Little Cayman, the tiniest island is most certainly one of the most peaceful places you’ll ever have the good fortune to visit.  Jacques Cousteau has lauded the diving off Little Cayman, but even without going down, the natural environment will keep you captivated.

Cayman Brac is different, as it invites rock climbers and spelunkers to adventure in breathtaking surrounds.  So at any time during the year, you may see another visitor scaling the sheer bluff or disappearing underground.  You too can try your hand at the activities of the Brac which is not only exciting, but a marvelous way to meet the friendly Braccers.

If you’ve ever wondered how you would live without a car or what it’s like to be a second class citizen (Blue Iguana’s are first class citizens on the Sisters) then pack a small bag, and sneak off to solitude.

Read on for an insight into the select events and natural tours and things to do on either of our gorgeous Sister Islands.

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