• Get your bike on!

    Grab that bike and cruise with the sun on your back.

  • Meet the famous host

    And fly high above our shores in delight

  • Cathy Church Captures

    The graceful tarpon, you can too

  • Privacy and seclusion

    Ride and glide along our clear shores

  • Hunting for lionfish

    Embodying beauty and danger underwater

  • The National Gallery

    A world of art to explore while on our shores

  • It's swimming, It's relaxing

    Or people gaze, whatever you do, relax

  • Imagine perfect sunsets

    Dream away your days as the sun goes down


Discover our Islands

Cayman Facts

Made up of three islands just 480 miles south of Miami, the Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered. A British Overseas Territory, choose to do as little, or as much, as want.

Dates in History

In 1503 Columbus sights the Sister Islands and names them Las Torguas... that is our first date in our history timeline. Learn about other significant dates.

Latest News

As one of the world’s largest financial centres, the Cayman Islands has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean and for visitors it truly does offer the good life. Learn about the latest on-island happenings.

National Symbols

Cayman’s national symbols convey the varied environment and wildlife of the islands. “He hath founded it upon the seas.”

Property & Finance

The Cayman Islands boasts many factors that makes our islands the jurisdiction of choice for offshore financial services on a global scale. From a property perspective, the Cayman Islands is considered a distinctly viable.

Sister Islands

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman lie just over 80 miles northeast of the mainland. These two idyllic paradise islands are light years away from the hustle and bustle of Grand Cayman. The sister islands is a beloved place to visit!


Whether you choose to say 'I do' under a swaying palm tree on Seven Mile Beach, or amidst beautifully lush tropical gardens, you can rest assured that your wedding on Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman is in safe hands.


Blue iguanas are one of the most unique and fascinating creatures to be found in the Cayman Islands. There are other interesting wildlife known to be only found in the Cayman Islands, such as the Cayman Racer snake. Read more.