• Get your bike on!

    Grab that bike and cruise with the sun on your back.

  • Meet the famous host

    And fly high above our shores in delight

  • Cathy Church Captures

    The graceful tarpon, you can too

  • Privacy and seclusion

    Ride and glide along our clear shores

  • Hunting for lionfish

    Embodying beauty and danger underwater

  • The National Gallery

    A world of art to explore while on our shores

  • It's swimming, It's relaxing

    Or people gaze, whatever you do, relax

  • Imagine perfect sunsets

    Dream away your days as the sun goes down


Plan Your Trip

Customs & Immigration

For many visitors, planning their vacation in the Cayman Islands means booking a ticket and packing their beach bags! You won’t be held up at our immigration department for long - all that’s required is a valid passport and return airline ticket.

Family & Childcare

Cayman is exceptionally child friendly and offers a great holiday destination for the entire family. Cayman’s beaches are perfectly suited for little ones too, with calm shallow waters. Many resorts offer child minders.

Getting Around

Travelling around Cayman is so easy! Yes, many of visitors find 'driving on the wrong side' odd at first, but once you endorse your license and give it a try – you’ll be hooked on our easy pace, fun roundabouts and quieter roads!

Getting Here

Getting to here is a breeze. The Cayman Islands is one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean and as such you can fly direct from a host of international destinations across Europe, America and the Caribbean to land on Grand Cayman.

Places to Stay

Cayman has an unparalleled choice of accommodation that visitors say is second to none. There are ultra high-end and world famous resorts that cater to your every possible whim. As well as boutique cottage rentals and hideaways.

Public Holidays

The Cayman Islands observes 11 public holidays however some holidays are announced and confirmed closer to the date, for example, the June 2014 Queen's Birthday is to be confirmed. Read our list of public holidays.

Suggested Itineraries

Cruise ship visitors can teach us alot about cramming the most fun into one day; our stayover guests have the luxury of making last minute plans. Whether you are visiting for just a day or longer, you’ll find a wide range of activities and tours.