Places to Stay

With so many diverse options for places to stay, it’s important to decide what kind of vacation you really want.

Ask yourself how important it is to be on the beach. If it’s within your budget then don’t miss the experience of a lifetime by waking up every day of your vacation on Seven Mile Beach. Investigate options for renting a condo on the beach or in a secluded spot in North Side, East End, Little Cayman or Cayman Brac.

If you don’t want to lift a finger during your stay, then it’s just a matter of deciding with resort tickles your fancy. Cayman’s hotels offer first-class service.

Don’t discount a more secluded hotel or rental away from the beach as nothing is far from the water in the Cayman Islands and beach access is open to all. Make your wish list based on the services and level of luxury you want from your holiday base.