Family fun at Camana Bay

A visit to Camana Bay in Grand Cayman engages every sense and is great fun for all ages, as Key to Cayman’s Stuart Wilson and some of his young relatives found out. When approached to have a family day out at Camana Bay, I was extremely enthused, as I had been there before both as a visitor and as journalist and musician.

Key tip

Visit the Discovery Centre on The Paseo for details and directions of attractions and shops.

Key facts

The 75ft Observation Tower which has 360-degree views.

The botanical adventure along Camana Way, which features 100 different native and indigenous plant species.

Story time at Books & Books, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30am

A picnic on The Island, and sitting on the back of Poof the Blue Dragon.

An ice cream, smoothie or frozen yoghurt while the kids splash in the water fountain.

The Imagination Playground made up of loose, giant foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabric and crates.


Needless to say, this trip was slightly different. It was a day to enjoy the entire range of Camana Bay attractions with my nieces, aged three and seven.

Upon arriving, we were given a complimentary gift card that allowed us to enjoy all the happenings on site. The first stop for us - after the kids spent some time transfixed by the water spouts in and around Camana Bay - was the new Waterfront Urban Diner, where we dined on sausages, scrambled eggs and fresh orange juice. This was an especially cosy spot for the youngsters, who were given a set of crayons and paper to colour, and were doted on by staff and customers throughout the session. Add first-class service, great food and friendly smiles to the equation and we were starting to settle into the vibration that has lured so many to Camana Bay.

After leaving the diner, it was off to Cafe Del Sol, a popular coffee shop on the island. There we enjoyed a delicious smoothie between the three of us before heading to Books & Books to meet with children’s characters, Oreo the dog and his friend Bella, who were “launching” their new book.

As part of that experience, parents and children from all walks of life sat together to hear about the tales of a stray dog in the Cayman Islands whose life changes as a result of his encounter with the Humane Society.

The little ones were able to watch in amazement as the orator stimulated their imagination with the content in the book before allowing them to meet the actual characters.

Meanwhile, I purchased a few books with the gift card that had been given to us earlier that morning. It was now nearly 12pm and we had been at Camana Bay for almost three-and-a-half hours without even realising where the time had gone.

There is so much going on that you can easily find yourself forgetting your troubles as you soak in the activities and fun times going on in the area. Simply enjoying the surroundings is enough to keep your interest.

After sitting and listening to the story of the Oreo the dog and his friends we made our way over to the town centre to observe the Walk Against Silence by the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, which raises awareness of domestic abuse in Cayman.

What I knew before, and have since been further convinced of, is that Camana Bay is the new “happy place” in Grand Cayman. When people want to feel good, it is a spot they can go to that certainly will not disappoint.

Our day there is one I will not soon forget and both my nieces continue to ask when we are going back.