Cultural Sites

Explore Cayman’s intriguing culture and heritage and learn about the island’s fascinating past.

Even the briefest of investigations into our past will help you join the dots from our National Symbols to our architecture, from our dependence on turtles to our reliance on stingrays, from our love of community to our warm welcome for natives from far and wide.

Pedro Castle

This beautiful old building recalls the islands’ tumultuous past, with commanding views of the coastline.  Take a stroll through the imposing edifice featuring period furniture and authentic artifacts and experience what life in Cayman was like many years ago.

Built in 1780, the historic site is the oldest stone structure in the Cayman Islands and was built by mariner, plantation owner and early settler, William Eden. Over the year, the property has served as an inn, a family home, bar and restaurant.

In the 1990s, the Cayman Islands government purchased Pedro St. James and painstakingly restored it to its 18th century glory. The restoration of the house is based on archive and architectural research and every detail reflects authentic building techniques, colours and furnishings.

As well as the house, gardens and beautiful courtyard, there is a multimedia theatre that showcases a 3D presentation about the property and 200 years of Caymanian history.

The Mission House

Take a step back in time at this traditional Caymanian two-story home and learn more about the way of life for Cayman’s earliest settlers. Set amidst an area of dry and wetland frequented by a variety of local wildlife, the site is known to have been utilized by early settlers for its abundant waterfowl and supply of water in the 1700s.

The site rose to prominence in the 1800s and became known as the Mission House to early missionaries, teachers and families, who lived and contributed to establishing the Presbyterian ministry and school in Bodden Town. Today the house recreates the living conditions of three families known to have owned the home with a wide range of genuine artefacts owned by the Watler family who called the Mission House home for more than 77 years.

Cayman Islands National Museum

Discover the Cayman Islands rich heritage with a trip to the Cayman Islands National Museum. Here you can experience Cayman’s culture and history through a series of informative exhibits. The museum features more than 8,000 artifacts, from tiny coins to a 14-foot catboat.

The National Museum can trace its roots to the 1930s when Mr. Ira Thompson began collecting Caymanian artifacts as a hobby. In 1979 the Cayman Islands Government purchased Mr. Thompson’s items, which became the nucleus of today’s collection.
Located on the waterfront in George Town, the National Museum offers the ideal way to learn more about Cayman’s fascinating past.

The National Museum is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, Saturday, 9am to 1pm. Call 949-8368. Visit