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george-townReach more visitors than any other tourist publication.

Our longevity in the market place proves that time after time this magazine is the most popular and sought after publication by visitors on the islands. Our content is tailored to give the tourist a true Cayman experience, with large photos and page spreads to showcase the Cayman Islands in an upscale format.


A wet world of fun

The only question to ask when looking for watersport activities in the Cayman Islands is - what can’t you do? We suggest you give watersports a college try!


full of hidden treasures

When it comes to shopping, Cayman is full of hidden treasures. From unique locally-made products to upscale boutiques abound and thanks to the absence of sales tax or import duty on many luxury items, there are significant savings to be made.


#1 spot in the world!

There are few places in the world where you can step off the end of a dock and be nose to nose with an eagle ray a few minutes later. Grand Cayman is one of them.


Property & Finance
Global Scale

The Cayman Islands boasts many factors that makes our islands the jurisdiction of choice for offshore financial services on a global scale. From a property perspective, the Cayman Islands is considered a distinctly viable.


Cayman Islands News

From the Cayman Compass

1st March 2017: EDITORIAL – The Ritz-Carlton: Four cheers for ‘Five Diamonds’

Four cheers are in order for The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

That’s one for each of the consecutive years that the iconic Seven Mile Beach hotel has earned a AAA Five Diamond award, which is the highest rating offered by North America’s biggest motoring and leisure travel organization.

Other News

1st Feb 2017: Census shows stingray numbers rising

A total of 100 stingrays was recorded at the North Sound sandbar at the latest population count last week.

At the last count in July 2016, there were 107 rays at the site.


2nd Jan 2017: All eyes on the skies: Fireworks welcome new year

Thirty-six yearling sea turtles were released into the wild on Saturday morning in the first public turtle release on Grand Cayman since 2012.

All eyes were on the skies on New Year’s Eve as fireworks exploded across the Cayman Islands to mark the arrival of 2017.


11th Dec 2016: 36 juvenile turtles released into wild

Thirty-six yearling sea turtles were released into the wild on Saturday morning in the first public turtle release on Grand Cayman since 2012.

The release at Barkers Beach was supervised by officials from the Cayman Turtle Centre. A group of teens from the “Youth Flex” show on Radio Cayman, along with some of their siblings, took part in the release.


15th Nov 2016: Hailed as ‘jewel’ of tourism sector, Kimpton opens doors

Immediately hailed as a “new jewel” of Grand Cayman’s tourism industry, the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, opened for guests on Tuesday.

A traditional piece of Caymanian thatch rope was ceremonially cut to officially open the resort as a host of dignitaries gathered to mark the occasion.


14th Nov 2016: Pirates swagger through George Town

Clad in bandanas, face paint and hooped ear rings, bearded pirates and buxom wenches descended on George Town on Saturday in a swashbuckling display marking Pirates Week.

Hundreds of spectators gathered at Hog Sty Bay for the invasion that signaled the start of the parade. As the Jolly Roger pulled up to the dock, pirates spilled out, cutlasses drawn. Swaggering through the capital, they quickly captured the British Red Coat soldiers, putting them in manacles.



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